Snap Crackle Pop & Halftime with Yoga

A few weeks ago I noticed Some snap crackle pop’s in my knee while doing yoga I realized that my one or maybe 2 day yoga sessions-per week was not cutting it. The other sign was a hamstring pull trying to keep up with a speedy left wing half my age. The reason Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are so successful as they are consistent and make Halftime adjustments. We don’t have a stretch guru traveling around with us like Tom Brady but we can make some adjustments in the second half of our lives.  I decided  to rejoin Gold’s Gym so I could take power yoga a minimum of twice a week. I now seldom play two soccer matches two days in a row so my body can recover and I am not wiped out Monday morning. Recognizing our limits  and making adjustments in the “second half” is what can keep us consistent in sport and in our lives.