Biomechanics and Orthotics Summit ’22

Agenda Welcome and Opening Remarks –Ben Pearl, DPM Putting Biomechanics Theory into Practice –Stephen Pribut, DPM An Update on Biomechanics Research from Calgary –Benno Nigg, PhD Practical Biomechanics –Richard Blake, DPM Update on New Features & Materials in 3D/4D Printing –Yong Li, PhD Current Trends in Orthotic Therapy –Stephen Pribut, DPM Top 5 Orthotic Adjustments […]

Regenerative Medicine: Amnion Growth Factor

Research in the rapidly expanding field of regenerative medicine has found promising uses for amnion tissue in the form of amnion injections to heal foot and ankle injuries. Amnion tissue contains proteins that have anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors. The cells have little immunogenic activity which means there is no issue with rejection. I battled my […]

Golden Harper Debunks Conventional Running Myths

Fit Foot U w/Dr. Pearl: Golden Harper, running expert and creator of Altra Shoes, describes how traditional shoe selection concepts of pronation, supination, and stabilization are outdated. He believes one of the important characteristics for choosing running shoes is based on keeping a centered upper body over a more naturally flowing gait.