Functional Foot Medicine

Functional Foot Medicine has become a thought process championed by biomechanics experts and quickly being integrated into practices of astute doctors. The concept of connectivity with the foot and body is nothing new. Everyone has heard the song with the phrase the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone… The new dialogue concerns integrating motor […]

How to Utilize Telemedicine

Due to the Covid19 crisis, telemedicine is now out of the box and is not going to disappear. Here is what you need to know about telemedicine: Medicare universally covers visits for existing patients. Most private insurance carriers are covering telemedicine visits during this critical time. This can easily be checked by contacting your insurance […]

Virtual Office Visits

Arlington Foot and Ankle is staying current with state and local governments to monitor the continuously changing landscape of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). At this time, our office continues to be open for consultations/procedures. In addition to office visits, we are also offering Virtual Visits. Virtual visits are appropriate for a variety of care needs, including […]

Prevalent Ankle injuries in a growing Lacrosse community

As lacrosse continues to grow virtually all over the country, more playing time and more players equate to more injuries in what was once considered a sport with substantially lower injuries than others such as soccer or football. US Lacrosse – the sport’s national governing body – has seen a steady climb in lacrosse players […]

When can Cortisone Shots Become Too Much of a Good Thing?

Cortisone shots have been used by the podiatric and orthopedic community as a time honored solution for joint and tendon injuries. Cortisone shots should not be confused with anabolic steroids, which are illegal in competition and have dangerous side systemic side effects. Cortisone is a synthetic form of the glucocorticoids that are synthesized by the […]

Don’t Let this Happen to Your Achilles

Last week, Junior Galette, linebacker of the Washington Redskins, might have ended his career by rupturing his Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon is prone to injury because it is an area that is not as vascular as other structures, making it known as a watershed area. It is also the reason why the Achilles heel […]