Dr. Pearl injecting umbilical cord growth factors this month in patient with CRPS

Ben Pearl, DPM recently affiliated with the nonprofit Veterans in Pain. The mission of the organization is to treat Veterans with chronic pain with some of the new regenerative medicine technologies. It is a certified resource for the Wounded Warrior Project. Dr. Pearl said he likes the commitment these individuals have shown and would like […]

CBD: A New Treatment Paradigm for Pain

Feeling intense chronic pain post-treatment or surgery? Dealing with an ache of some sorts that will not improve no matter how consistently you’ve been applying a topical or exercising to distract yourself from the discontent? A relatively novel drug CBD, chemically known as Cannabidiol, revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry to benefit countless physicians in the fields […]

Arlington Foot & Ankle is Recruiting Patients with Turf Toe

GOT TURF TOE? Turf Toe is a sprain of the big toe. It typically is the result of excessive upward bending of the big toe. It can also be caused by jamming the toe or repetitive injury when running and jumping. Dr. Pearl is offering patients an opportunity to come in and try a new […]


  We are offering this innovative toenail treatment at a discounted rate (normally $125 for big toes) for our patients at 20% off. Let’s get ready for Spring! KeryFlex is a toenail replacement and a cosmetic improvement to damaged and unsightly toenails. The gel is specifically designed and created for use on toenails and is […]

Runners World Article Confirming Running Adds To Expected Longevity

Exercise as medicine has been a philosophy that has been gaining traction. Here is a new article and runners world confirming that running that only makes you feel better but adds to your longevity even factoring in early deaths that  may occur with cardiac events etc. Staying  healthy on your feet as part of that […]

Treating my Achilles Tendon With Amnion Cells

Regenerative medicine is fairly new to sports medicine. Amnion tissue contains proteins that have anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors. The cells have little imumogenic activity which means there is no issue with rejection. I’ve been battling my own achilles tendonosis injury for some time trying lasers yoga and compression sleeves. Amnion tissue is also considered […]

Tune Into Dr. Ben Pearl & Sports Talk News With Glen Harris on Friday, June 12th!

Tune Into Dr. Ben Pearl & Sports Talk News With Glen Harris on Friday, June 12th! Arlington, VA, June 12th, 2015 Be sure to tune in at 9:00pm Friday, June 12th to Sports Talk News with Glen Harris on News 8 (ABC), where Dr. Ben Pearl of Arlington Foot and Ankle will be making his second guest appearance. Dr. […]

On the Road to Recovery-Never give Up! What can we learn from the Bill’s “Groundhogs Day” how many different ways can you lose a Superbowl

Many people may have forgotten Leon Lett’s stripped ball by Don Bebe at the goal line due to raw perseverance on the play in one of Bill’s Groundhogs Day how many different ways can you lose a Superbowl but it demonstrates an important life lesson. Never give up! At that point the game was a […]