Inspirational Commencement Speech to Podiatry Students Entering the Front Lines of Healthcare by Diabetes Advocate and Olympic Swimmer Gary Hall, JR

Gary Hall Jr. Commencement AddressGary Hall Jr. Commencement Address

Diabetes patient advocate and former Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Gary Hall, Jr. gave graduating podiatry students at Samuel Merritt a couple things to think about on their journey into the challenges of healthcare. Hall highlighted the unique opportunity that healthcare workers have on the frontline of being a touchstone to their patients. He related that […]

Inspirational Olympic Memory: Gary Hall, JR not Taking no for an Answer and Swimming in it his way

Memorial Day and pool season is coming up this weekend and here is one of my top 3 Summer Olympic memories, Share your with a reply and why it inspired you and if selected you will get a prize when a winner is selected later in June. Diagnosed with type one diabetes in 1999 Gary […]