Grass Roots Running Stretch and Injury Recovery Session

Arlington Foot and Ankle presented a stretch and injury recovery Session in collaboration with District Track Club. Watch the video below to learn more about the stretch session.

Arlington Foot & Ankle is Recruiting Patients with Turf Toe

GOT TURF TOE? Turf Toe is a sprain of the big toe. It typically is the result of excessive upward bending of the big toe. It can also be caused by jamming the toe or repetitive injury when running and jumping. Dr. Pearl is offering patients an opportunity to come in and try a new […]

Spring Back up for Fall Sports Injury-Free

Fall sports are a time of excitement and fun for students, but also a time for painful injuries. Three popular sports that students often play during the fall season are football, soccer, and cross country track. Deconditioning is a huge problem, especially for inactive students who spend more time playing video games than playing outside. […]