SportsTalk Dr Ben Pearl Arlington Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle SpecialistNews Channel 8 Sports Talk

Dr. Pearl, a podiatrist practicing in the Arlington, VA area appeared as a guest on News Channel 8 Sports Talk with Glen Harris where he discussed exercise and lower extremity (foot and ankle) health. 

Along with Dr. Pearl, former Olympian Gary Hall Jr called in to share his triumphant story with managing diabetes  while competing at a world class level swimming and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the Olympics.

Dr. Pearl appeared on the Sports Talk News program back on April 17th and June 12th of 2015.

pxWashington Post Magazine Article

Dr. Pearl has been previously featured in the Washington Post Magazine depicting his passion for skiing and teaching.

“The biggest thing for me — and I’m still working on it — is learning more about the person, not the student scared to ski for the first time, but getting to know that person as an individual. It’s changed the way I interact with patients; most ski instructors around here have full-time jobs, too, in that there’s no more of this ‘I’m the doctor up here on this level, and I know best.’” Read More →

Interviews with Dr. Nancy on MSNBC

He has had television interviews with Dr. Nancy  on MSNBC on barefoot running.