Dr. Pearl has an in office surgical suite for patient convenience where he performs surgery. Cases include bunioneictomies, hammer toe correction and fracture and tendon repairs. This provides a relaxed, local environment for your procedure. The in office surgical suite can avoid the added expense of having a procedure done at a hospital where the facility fees and anesthesia can be costly.. Other surgeries that he performs in office includes plantar fascial release for heel spurs, removal of bone spurs, removal of soft tissue lesions, and neuromas. For those requiring full anesthesia, he performs procedures at a surgery center that does not require the rigors of hospital admission. Dr. Pearl has a dedicated hospital trained orthopedic scrub nurse for his more complex cases such as those that require internal fixation. He uses pins for most of his surgeries that require fixation which makes removal possible without having to have another operation. He was board certified in 1996 by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

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Dr. Pearl with hospital trained orthopedic scrub nurse